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Wiltshire’s famous white chalk horses are one of the things often remarked on by those staying in Wiltshire cottages, making people realise there’s a lot more to the county’s historic sites than just Stonehenge. This year is the 200th anniversary of the oldest of the white horses, and to celebrate it, over a hundred volunteers participated in a lantern parade to each of the horses and then lit them up beautifully.

This all took place last Saturday (June 30th) and the effect was best seen from afar, with the outlines of the horses highlighted in orange, and then a variety of blue designs appearing across their bodies and floating around them. It’s a beautiful way to bring them to people’s attention.

If you’d like to see the horses lit up, don’t worry that you’ve missed this parade; the lanterns are laid annually for the winter solstice as well, giving everybody the chance to see the horses at their best each and every year.