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Anyone staying in Cornwall cottages who is hoping to enjoy the waters of Cornwall will be glad to hear that an underwater survey undertaken by Falmouth Marine School has revealed that wildlife is thriving thanks to the high purity of the waters.

Clare Marshall, a student at Falmouth Marine School, surveyed the underwater habitat of the River Fowey using remotely operated vehicles lent by Plymouth University and a small team of divers. The aim was to assess how much sea grass or eel grass there was, which is a nationally protected habitat.

The presence of eel grass is a good indicator of water quality, and the amount of the grass found in Clare’s survey shows that the waters of the River Fowey are exceptionally pure. Various species were also discovered amongst the eel grass, including daisy anemone, sea lettuce, brittlestar and sand mason worms.

Cornwall is home to other beautiful marine sites as well as the River Fowey; plenty of Blue Flag beaches and fresh, flowing rivers can be expected whilst on holiday there.