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Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels have delighted avid readers for years, and the illustrations that accompany the stories are both entertaining to cast your eyes over and also help readers imagine the fantastical make up of the Discworld. Now, you can see a wonderful collection of these illustrations at St Barbe Museum and Gallery this summer in an exhibition of Paul Kidby’s work.

Kidby lives and works in the New Forest area so the museum has been given the privilege of hosting an amazing collection of his private work too. Accompanying some of his fantastic Discworld book covers are illustrations of two of its main characters, Rincewind and Death, as well as some of Kidby’s own projects which are influenced by British folklore and landscapes.

The exhibition begins this weekend and carries on until the end of September, so those staying in New Forest cottages should head to St Barbe Museum and Gallery and catch this extraordinary exhibition whilst they can.