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A piece of space history is finding its new home in Salisbury this week as it goes on a special two week display from today, 10th September. What is thought to be the biggest meteorite to ever fall onto the UK will be exhibited in the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum.

The meteorite weighs in at 90kg and is 0.5m long, making it a very dense piece of space material. Known to experts as a common chondrite, the meteor is believed to have fallen to Earth 30,000 years ago.

It was well-preserved by the chalk environment of Wiltshire, before being discovered in the 19th century by Edward Duke on the grounds of his property, Lake House in Wilsford-cum-Lake. It has been stored at the National History Museum for many years but is now heading back to Wiltshire for a special exhibition.

Now is the perfect chance for those staying in Wiltshire cottages to see a piece of space matter up close, just head to Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum in the next two weeks.