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<p>The Large Blue butterfly was extinct in the UK, and around the world it is a threatened species, currently in danger of becoming extinct globally. Now, a new reserve is being created in the Cotswolds, overlooking Slad Valley, which should become a breeding ground for the butterflies in an attempt to re-establish them in the UK.</p> <p>The forty-four acre reserve will have public access, so you’ll be able to head there during a holiday in the region and enjoy the natural beauty of the area, as well as the sight of not just the Large Blue butterfly, but also the Small Blue, the Chalkhill and the Adonis butterflies too, all bright blue as well.</p> <p>We believe our cottages are the perfect place to relax in the wonderful countryside of the UK, so we’re always happy to hear about tranquil attractions like this opening up near any of our <a href=”/”>holiday cottages in England</a>.</p>