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One of the best things about holidaying in English country cottages is being able to enjoy all of the nature and countryside around you. Whether you get out on a bike, on horseback or on foot, you’ll find scenery that will relax and calm you, offering beautiful views and plenty of rural charm.

Of course, to discover the best routes and the most enjoyable paths a bit of local knowledge can help. Fortunately you don’t have to have lived in the area to benefit from it, and walking festivals are a great way to capitalise on centuries of experience in traversing local countryside.

If you’re staying in one of our Herefordshire cottages in October this year, you can use all the excellent resources of the Hay Walking Festival 2012, which this year will have more than fifty events organised over five days. Whether you want to try something challenging or proceed at a more relaxed pace, this walking festival is the perfect way to introduce yourself to some of Herefordshire’s countryside.