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Each of the sculptures stands by a building that was rescued by the Landmark Trust at four points of the compass, of which Gormley said, “The sculptures will be like standing stones: Markers in space and time, linking with specific places and their histories.”

The project is due to be officially launched this weekend as a part of the Landmark Trusts’ Golden Weekend. During this weekend, locals and visitors staying in coastal Dorset holiday cottages will be able to enjoy free admission to Clavell Tower, a building that inspired the likes of writers Thomas Hardy and P.D. James.

Additionally, the weekend will see a shared Golden Moment take place in which all 25 landmarks in the event will have community groups simultaneously perform a specially composed Anthem for Landmark at 3pm on 16th May. Clavell Tower is lucky enough to be playing host to 'Dorset Arts Reach', ‘Freedance Choir' and 'Ridgeway Choir' throughout the course of the day.