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Hampshire is set to host the first ever pop-up pub for pugs and their owners.

A woman from Fareham in Hampshire, Devida Bushrod (39), has finally found a venue to open the world’s first pop-up pub site where pugs and their owners can enjoy a drink or two.

The idea behind the project is to raise money for two pug welfare groups, with the concept for the pop-up site being hatched earlier this summer.

Devida, who actually owns two pugs herself, has said: “I thought that organising the pub is a fun way to combine a very British tradition with the buzz and joy that pugs always bring!

“After Bessie [Devida’s first pug], we have really enjoyed meeting other pugs and their owners – it’s like a little underground sub-culture.”

The pub is set to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and will be situated at the Courtyard at Southsea Castle on September 24, where food and drink for both pug and owner will be on offer. What a proposition! Especially for those that can’t bear to leave their dogs behind when heading out for a drink.

Devida came upon the idea following the success of a similar adventure – a pop-up pug café in Guildford that was opened in May.

The two charities benefiting from the pub’s launch will be the Pug Dog Welfare Group – who work to assist pugs in need throughout the country — and Homeward Bound Pug Rescue, a charity that rescues pugs that have been left in dire situations.

It’s certainly an uplifting proposition, as the care of dogs is close to many of our hearts. And if you happen to be planning a September trip to a cottage in Hampshire, you’ll surely be happy to know that both you and your furry friend can get a nice refreshment while enjoying all that the county has to offer.