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The Observatory Science Centre in East Sussex is holding an evening which combines tasty food with an interesting session of stargazing: Comets and Curry at The Observatory Science Centre.

There won’t be any television sets or washing machines found here; just a simply delicious curry, glass of wine, a fascinating talk from a guest speaker and the chance to scour the skies with the large telescopes.

On 10th November, the Taurids meteor shower marks the annual time when the Earth passes through the trail of dust left by comet Encke. The long bright tails of these meteors can be seen with the naked eye, but they become all the more majestic when using the observatory’s telescopes.

This looks to be a fantastic evening for those staying in Sussex cottages, so make a note for 7pm-11pm on 10th November. Places are limited to 80 people; phone 01323 832731 to book tickets soon.