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The wealthy and wonderful county of Dorset has recently been named as the best place to retire in Wales and England following an in-depth analysis of 170 districts. A league table was compiled by insurance company Prudential, using data provided by the National Statistics Office, which took into consideration life factors such as good health, affluence and marriage.

Districts were marked out of 10 for five different categories, with the potential to score a total of 50. Dorset ranked first with an impressive score of 46, with Monmouthshire, Poole and Hampshire all scoring a respectable 41. Dorset has regularly featured highly in official records, with its high life expectancy and wealth making it a desirable location to live. Other locations that featured in the top 10 include Buckinghamshire, Wokingham, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Most picturesque destinations in the country

The majority of the places named in the top 10 are also well known for being attractive locations with beautiful coastal or countryside features. However, there was one exception of the Midlands’ town of Solihull, which is thought to be popular due to its close proximity to Birmingham airport and the M42.

Poole in Dorset is famed for its Sandbanks suburb, which is popular not just with those in search of a golden retirement, but also with celebrities and those staying in luxury Dorset holiday cottages. Monmouthshire is also home to the Wye Valley, with Hampshire boasting both coastal towns and the New Forest.

Dorset’s high ranking position comes just a year after Christchurch was dubbed as the retirement capital of England, with retirees making up 29.7 per cent of its population. Hampshire scored an equal 5th position with a number of other districts and boasts a high quality of life as well as a picturesque countryside setting. This makes the county a grey hotspot, as well as ensuring that Hampshire country cottages in quiet, rural areas are one of the most popular accommodation choices.