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A layer of Dartmoor's history has been uncovered this week as archaeologists announced that Bronze Age artefacts have been discovered amongst the rugged moorland. This discovery provides insight into life in the Devon national park around 4,000 years ago, making this one of the most important findings of the last 100 years.

Ancient human remains and Bronze Age artefacts were discovered in August 2011 and it is only now that archaeologists have managed to reveal the significance of these findings. The presence of delicate jewellery and textiles made from materials that were not found in Britain at the time, such as shale and amber, show that there must have been trading links between Britain and the continent around 4,000 years ago.

This latest discovery adds another layer of history to one of England's most treasured national parks and beauty spots, something which those staying in English country cottages in Devon have the perfect opportunity to explore.