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One of the best things about staying in one of our English country cottages is enjoying the wildlife that we in Britain are lucky enough to have as native species. The barn owl is just one example, but it has become a symbol of conservation in the UK as populations dwindled through the 20th century.

Thankfully, they are not as rare a sight as they once were, and efforts are still taking place to bring these beautiful birds back to the entirety of Britain. One of these is taking place in Somerset, where boxes for barn owls have been fitted in 200 of the 365 parishes in the county.

This has all been since March 2012, and the project aims to continue its work until every parish has been fitted with barn owls boxes, giving the species the perfect nesting spots within the county.

Thanks to the work of volunteers and organisers involved in making this happen, any visitors to Somerset next year will hopefully be able to see the ghostly white presence of a barn owl sweeping overhead after dusk.