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This year’s Melksham Food and Drink Festival is due to take place between September 7th – 16th at various venues in and around the beautiful Wiltshire town of Melksham.

The festival offers visitors a chance to enjoy locally produced and grown produce during many of the special events taking place at this time. The festival will feature special themed daytime and evening events, with special menus being offered in many of the local hotels and pubs, which feature an array of local produce.

Visitors staying in Wiltshire cottages will also be able to enjoy food tastings in local shops, local beer and wine tastings, farm open days offering guided tours, visits to farm shops, a local bakery visit, farmers markets, food themed competitions, talks and presentations related to local foods.

On September 16, there will be a large Festival Food Fair in Melksham’s Market Place, the Assembly Hall and at Melksham House, with exhibitions, food vendor stalls, demonstrations, talks, competitions, live music and an array of wonderful food in-store for visitors.

For more information about all the events during the festival contact 01225 704187