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The foundations of an Anglo-Saxon feasting hall have recently been found underneath a village green in Kent, the first major find like it in 30 years.

The village green in question is located in Lyminge, Kent and the structure measures 28 feet by 69 feet, enough room to hold a feast for at least 60 people. For 1,300 years the foundations of the hall have lain just a few inches underground, and it was only last week that the full extent of the discovery was realised.

A number of interesting pieces that reveal much about Anglo Saxon life have been found along with the foundations, including a horse harness mount dating from 525-575 AD, a bronze manicure set, carefully carved combs and numerous animal bones buried in pits, suggesting that the hall was a grand feasting hall in its time.

Lyminge in just a stone’s throw away from some of our holiday cottages in Sussex, why not head to the picturesque village and see the fascinating excavation site for yourself?