Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival and Departure

Unless otherwise specified, all HIDEAWAYS properties will be available from 4 o’clock on the first day of your booking, and finished at 10am on the last day of your booking. (Do note that you may request alternative arrival and departure times with the holiday cottage owner once we have received payment of the final balance, but we ask that you consider the schedule of the housekeepers and the time required to prepare and clean a cottage, so it may not be possible to change the times).

Once the full balance of your booking is paid, we will send you the full details of your arrival time, key arrangements and directions. We will send you the cottage owner’s or housekeeper’s contact details. A few days before you are due to arrive, please contact them to discuss your time of arrival as well as the key hand-over. Unless you have arranged this with them, we ask that you do not arrive early.

Welcome Pack

Most cottage owners will offer a welcome basket or pack for guests. What is provided is different from cottage to cottage, but tea, coffee, milk and biscuits will be included as a minimum. Please note that your accommodation is a self-catering cottage, not a hotel, so while a selection of cleaning products and a small number of toilet rolls will be available to last for a day or two of your stay, there will not be a supply for the entirety of your stay!

Electricity and Heating

Unless stated in the property description, the electricity and heating you use during your stay, is included in the cost of your rental. If the property you’re staying in has a wood burner, fireplace or open fire, there may be a starter pack of fuel and kindling, but not necessarily, and more fuel and kindling will need to be acquired by you.

Linen and Towels

The bed(s) at your cottage will be made, complete with duvet and bed linen, except for baby cots and foldout beds. A bath towel and hand towel is supplied at the ratio of 1 per guest staying, unless stated otherwise in the description of the property on our website. The kitchen in the cottage will have a minimum of 2 tea towels available for the duration of a stay.

Cot / High Chair

If stated in the property descriptions, cottages where children (aged 2 and under) are accepted, will have one or more cots and/or high chairs. Do make sure you check with the owner or ask when you book with us, if you are not sure you will have the cots and/or high chairs you need for your stay. Please do note that cot linen is NEVER provided and that cots are travel cots, unless otherwise specified.

Dogs and pets

Many HIDEAWAYS holiday cottages happily accept one well behaved dog or other pet, but do bear in mind that they must NEVER be left unattended in the cottage or garden and that pets are expected to stay out of bedrooms and off furniture at all times. Check the property description or search parameters for a list of properties that accept dogs and pets.

Please note that the dog or pet owner is responsible for removal of any evidence left behind at the end of your stay. Please also show consideration for the guests staying in the cottage after you. There is a charge per dog per booking per week/weekend.


All cottages are equipped with the following:

  • Kitchens with tableware, cooking utensils as well as a toaster, a coffee maker, an iron/ironing board, an electric kettle, and a vacuum cleaner.
  • Living rooms have comfortable seating, dining table and chairs (for at least the number of people the cottage sleeps) and general furnishings. All cottages have a TV.
  • Bedrooms have standard sized beds as well as storage and spaces for hanging clothes and general furnishings.
    • All cottages have central heating. Some have additional heating sources like fireplaces, open fires or a wood burning stove.

Swimming pools

In properties with outdoor swimming pools, these are usually only available from the end of May to the middle of September, unless otherwise stated. Outdoor pools are usually not heated. Please make sure all users of the facilities read and understand the property’s pool rules, and have familiarised themselves with the layout and depth, before entering the pool. Private holiday cottages and holiday complexes do not have lifeguard facilities. NEVER dive into water less than 2m deep and NEVER jump or dive from raised features or pool side furniture. Remember it is dangerous to swim for a whole hour after you have eaten. NEVER enter a swimming when you are under the influence of alcohol or if you feel unwell. Due to the risk of infecting others, never enter a swimming pool when you are, or have in the past 48 hours, suffered from an upset stomach-related illness. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ANY CHILDREN OR PEOPLE AT RISK ARE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES BY A RESPONSIBLE ADULT, BOTH IN THE POOL AND AROUND THE POOL AREA.

Hot Tubs/Saunas

If your property has a hot tub or sauna, please make sure all users of these facilities have read and are aware of user guidelines before use.

Our owners of properties with hot tubs, will do everything they can to make sure the hot tub is ready for you to use on arrival, but please do note that due to the very strict cleaning and disinfection regime for hot tubs, the required temperature may not have been reached by the time you arrive and a short wait may be necessary before it is ready to use again.

PLEASE NOTE that if you have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, a serious illness or a medical condition which could affect your reaction to the high temperatures of the water, please always consult with your GP or health professional before you use a hot tub. PLEASE NOTE that children’s body temperature rise far quicker than that of adults and older children due to undeveloped thermo-regulatory mechanisms, so children below the age of 5 must never use a hot tub and children 5 and over must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult and the time spent in the hot tub restricted to very short intervals. Pregnant women should never use hot tubs or saunas.

Please bear in mind that guests using the hot tubs while wearing "fake tan" lotions or similar coloured lotions and creams, must shower and completely remove these from skin BEFORE entering the hot tub. If they do not, the hot tub will require a full clean and drainage, and this will result in loss of the full security deposit.

All activities during your holiday are undertaken at your own risk.

Extra Persons

Some of our cottages have extra beds or sofa beds available. These will be shown on the property listing on our website as +1 or +2 and can be booked at an additional fee, information of which can be found in the property description.

It is important that the maximum number of people indicated to occupy the cottage is always adhered to. If the maximum number of people are exceeded, you are in violation of the insurance agreement for the cottage. If the maximum number of people in the cottage is exceeded, HIDEAWAYS will ask that you leave immediately and no refund will be offered and on behalf of the cottage owner, HIDEAWAYS may deduct further rental fees.


All properties are thoroughly cleaned between stays. We kindly ask that the property and its contents are left clean and tidy and in a similar state to which you found it.

Christmas / New Year

Bookings over Christmas and New Year will generally be for full weeks only, no short stays. We aim to start Christmas bookings on the 20th, 21st or 22nd of December and New Year bookings on the corresponding days the week after, on the 27th, 28th or 29th of December. Variations to this 'rule' will depend on which weekday Christmas falls in any given year.


Please note that the use of fireworks are NOT permitted at our properties due to risk of damage to the rental property as well as neighbouring properties and harm to local farms, pets and animals. Please note that short breaks are not normally available during Bank Holidays, including both Christmas and New Year.

Short Break Tariff

All HIDEAWAYS cottages are available to let for short breaks throughout the year, with the exception of some weeks over the summer, half term weeks and Christmas and New Year. Short breaks are two, three or four nights and the cost is calculated so a 2- or 3-night break is charged at 75% of that week's rent and a 4-night break at 85% of that week's rent.

Security Deposits

On some properties a refundable* security deposit is required before arrival, and the guest will not be allowed access to the property until the amount is paid. Where possible, this deposit requirement can be found in the cottage description on our website. The deposit payment will be requested approximately 7 days prior to arrival and refunded within 10 days of departure unless there has been damages or there are additional cleaning requirements. Deposit payment by cheque is not accepted.

Should the need arise to withhold your security deposit, we will advise you as soon as we possibly can with an explanation as well as an indication of the amount to be refunded and time scale. We have a handling charge for arranging correctional work with tradesmen, etc. Please do note that HIDEAWAYS is not responsible if the owner fails to advise you of damages or repayment of your security.

Alterations to Bookings

We are not able to accept a change of holiday cottage once partial or full payment of your booking is received. While we may be able to change the week of your holiday, provided this is advise at least 6 weeks prior to original arrival date, and provided there is availability at the property. If possible, we charge £25 for these changes to be made.

Customer Reviews

On most of the properties featured on our website, we have a section with customer feedback and scores. These scores provide visitors to our website with feedback on the various cottages. These scores and testimonials are internally moderated and are collected from guests.

Customer Service

If there are any issues or cause for concern with your booking at any time in the booking process, we are able to assist better if we are informed immediately.

Putting a cottage on Hold

Often we are asked if it Is possible to put a ‘hold’ on a cottage while customers make arrangements with their travel companions. We will do this wherever possible, although never for more than 24 hours, never on last minute bookings and dependant on circumstances individual to the property in question. We are not able to put holds on cottages for longer periods as it stops others from booking the same cottage, and this is not acceptable procedure for the cottage owners.

Period Properties

Many of HIDEAWAYS' holiday cottages are period properties dating back 50+ years. It is important to remember before booking your holiday in one of these properties that part of their charm is the characteristically low ceilings, doorways and beams. They often have steep and narrow stairs and because of low or sloping ceilings, may have limited clothes hanging facilities. Many such properties were built before the introduction of damp proof courses and cavity insulation. These points are particularly important to note if your party has any elderly or very young members. Thatched roofs and beams can attract spiders, and cobwebs reappear very quickly after being removed! While such aspects of old properties add character and charm, we do not recommend them unless these features are understood fully by the Hirer when making the booking.

Your Cottage and your Stay

  • Should any issues or problems occur during your stay in a HIDEAWAYS holiday cottage, please get in touch with the Home Owner or Keyholder as soon as you possibly can. They will make every effort to put right the issue in question. If the issue is not put right, you may then phone HIDEAWAYS on 01747 828170 during our office hours (9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 3pm on Saturday), where we will do our best to assist you further. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you don’t leave any issues that arise during your stay to when you get home – we want you to enjoy your holiday and are not able to rectify any issues or problems once the holiday has taken place.
  • You should report any complaints you have about the cottage to the owner or housekeeper IMMEDIATELY to give them a chance to deal with them. If a complaint is not reported immediately, it may not be possible to deal with it promptly or the issue may escalate to a point where more damage or upset is caused, leading to irreparable levels. If you are not able to get in touch with the owner, housekeeper or emergency contact, you are welcome to contact HIDEAWAYS on 01747 828170 during our office hours (9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 3pm on Saturday).
  • At HIDEAWAYS we will always do our very best to rectify any matter raised. If we are not able to rectify the issue it is our opinion that your complaint is justified, an alternative holiday cottage may be found for you if one is available. If we do not have a suitable property available and you are not able to stay in the original property, you will receive a full refund of the price you paid.
  • The liability of HIDEAWAYS and the owner of the property is limited entirely to the price paid for your holiday, not including bank charges. The exception to this is in case of legal liability for personal damage or injury where the public liability insurance of the property owner will take over. PLEASE NOTE that while we take customer complaints very seriously, we will not accept liability for an owner’s failure to keep property and contents in good condition and any difficulties you may have are left up to the owner to resolve.
  • It is important that our strict NO SMOKING rule inside any of our holiday cottages is adhered to at all times.
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