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The world’s biggest deckchair made a welcome return to Bournemouth this week as it was erected once again in the seaside town.

Anyone who was near Bournemouth pier in March would have seen the deckchair catch people by surprise thanks to its incredible size; it is taller than a double decker bus at 27 feet high. The deckchair appeared in Bournemouth for 4 days last spring to mark the start of British Summer Time, and has returned thanks to its success.

The deckchair is 8.5m high, 5.5m wide and weighs 6 tonnes, so is an unmissable sight on the beach of Bournemouth. It was commissioned by Pimms, a drink long associated with Summer, and was donated to Bournemouth council to have a permanent home beside the sea.

Luckily for those staying in Dorset cottages in the future, the deckchair will be seen in Bournemouth for a long time yet, so look out for it on the pier; it’ll be hard to miss!