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A woman who has dedicated her life to the New Forest area has promised to make a wonderful addition to the range of beautiful New Forest cottages available there; Dionis MacNair is leaving her £1million residence to the New Forest Trust.

Dionis has a number of achievements to her name, including receiving an MBE in 2010 for her dedication to preserving the New Forest and becoming the first female Verderer (an ancient guardian of the Forest). Having been an elected Verderer for 30 years, Miss MacNair is very passionate about preserving the natural beauty of the forest, and has even included it in her will.

The New Forest Trust is to be the recipient of her three-bedroom cottage and 11 acres of land in Burley, a gift that is worth an extraordinary amount of money. Miss MacNair has insisted that only Commoners are allowed to use the property, these people being local smallholders and farmers. Although those looking for lovely holiday cottages in the area will be disappointed at this news, there are still plenty of options to be found in this beautiful area.