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<p>The International Firework Displays are held by Weymouth each summer. Unlike other towns, Weymouth puts on multiple displays to celebrate plenty of different events, each of them just as spectacular as the last. They’re the perfect way to end a day out in Weymouth whilst you’re enjoying <a href=””>Dorset cottage holidays</a> with us.</p> <p>Each display sees Weymouth Bay lit up by a tremendous amount of colourful explosions, the crackles, pops and booms of which echo over the whole town. Because of the late sunsets during summer, they mostly take place at 9.30 or 10pm.</p> <p>This year, displays will be held for the Queen’s Jubilee on June 4th, the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Weymouth on July 12th, the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics on July 27th, Weymouth Carnival on August 15th and the August Bank Holiday on August 27th. Each is sure to be incredible, and you’ll find much more going on in the town during the day as well.</p>