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For the second half of October, the village of Trowbridge has opened its doors for a unique cultural event. The Trowbridge Arts Festival celebrates the town’s heritage through music, visual arts, theatre and more.

The music headliner for this year’s festival is Toyah Wilcox. In a career that has spanned 30 years, Wilcox is best known for her singing and acting. She will present an acoustic set – Toyah: Acoustic, Up Close and Personal – on 1 November.

This year’s exhibition opened on 20 October and runs through until the end of the month. This year focuses on the significance of the civic, cultural and historic centre of many places – the Town Hall. According to this year’s festival organisers, the Town Hall is “the heart of the community; past, present and future”. The festival features artwork that celebrates the Town Hall as the creative heart of the town.

Another artistic element of this year’s festival is ‘AllUnder1StarrySky’. A multimedia presentation, it will be open during the evening from 22-27 October at Trowbridge Town Hall (excluding Sunday). The building’s entrance hall will be lit by its amazing and newly restored stained glass windows.

Another highlight will be the ‘DaDa Project’ – a brilliant sound and light experience. There will be music that combines down-tempo beats, ambient noise, old radio recordings, and real-time sound created by effects and loop machines. There will also be a UV light show as part of the exhibit.

Also part of the event, an artistic installation called ‘Bones and other Beautiful Things, ForgottenΓǪ’ will be presented. Part musical score, part poem, with lighting mixed in, this artistic experiment will be held in the old boiler room of the Town Hall. Immerse yourself in the UV light maze, or marvel at the Mad Hatters Tea Party, which will both amuse and intrigue visitors.

Trowbridge lies on the western edge of Wiltshire, along the River Biss. Especially at this time of the year, the county is the perfect destination for a cosy cottage holiday. From your warm base tucked away in the Wiltshire countryside, you can enjoy the Arts Festival or other seasonal events on offer.

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