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Just in time for Christmas, a trio of penguins have found a new home at the Sea Life Adventure Park in Weymouth. According to news reports, the Humboldt penguins were former residents at the Seaview Wildlife Encounter in the Isle of Wight.

The addition of Mango, Fig and Yew increases the maritime park’s population of penguins to 11. The arrival of the penguins further the conservation efforts of the adventure park, and there is hope that Fig – a female – may provide a bit of companionship for Sequoia, a long-time bachelor penguin currently living at the Weymouth park. Previously, Sequoia was offered a soft toy penguin to keep him from being lonely.

Humboldt penguins are considered a vulnerable species and to help rebuild the population, the park started a breeding programme in 2001. There are only about 12,000 Humboldts left in the wild, but breeding colonies will help to sustain numbers in captivity. The park, and others who are leading conservation efforts, hope their work will raise awareness.

Earlier this year, in May, the park was chosen as the new home for two common seals from Cornwall. The seals were brought to Weymouth to help control captive breeding programmes, the park said at the time of the move. Working at the park are experts in animal husbandry. As well as focusing on practical breeding, homing, rescue and rehabilitation of marine life, they also actively lobby governments and host conferences about important marine issues.

If enjoying a great family cottage holiday in Dorset this December, there is still time to enjoy the magic of Christmas at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park this month. Father Christmas will be at the park through to Christmas Eve and all children visiting will receive a special marine life gift.

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