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<p>Friday 1st June sees 2012’s Royal Escape Race take place in the British Channel. Starting by Brighton’s Palace Pier, dozens of yachts of many different sizes head off across the sea to Fécamp on the coast of Normandy. It’s a great way to remember one of the most exciting events of the English Civil War, and should get your bank holiday weekend off to a brilliant start.</p> <p>We have plenty of <a href=””>holiday cottages in Sussex</a> for you to stay in, and heading to the south coast is always popular with holidaymakers in the county. Events like these make it even more enjoyable, especially if you combine watching the ships set sail with a day out in Brighton or a trip to the South Downs.</p> <p>Races go on throughout the morning, beginning at 7am, so there is plenty of time for you to spend the rest of the day doing whatever else you like after seeing the Royal Escape Race get underway.</p>