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A holiday in Cornwall will almost certainly give visitors to the area a chance to see some amazing wildlife and now it has been confirmed that two of the top locations in the UK for dolphin spotting are in Cornwall.

Planet Whale, international whale conservation specialists, named Lizard Point and Penzance as two of the best places in the UK to see Risso’s and bottlenose dolphins in particular. The conservation group also noted that harbour porpoise and basking sharks were also often seen in the area.

The co-founder of Planet Whale, Dylan Walker, said that the two Cornish locations frequently had confirmed sightings of a number of different species, but that the all white body of the Risso’s dolphin and cream and yellow criss-cross pattern of the common dolphin were a fairly regular sight.

There are a number of boat trips available locally to those staying in Cornwall cottages that provide the perfect opportunity to see Cornwall’s magnificent marine life up close.