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If you are heading down to Cornwall during the next few weeks to stay in one of our holiday cottages in Cornwall you will find a great many events taking place. The county has a rich heritage and has forever been associated with the sea, meaning many of its annual festivities feature the ocean in one way or another. One such event taking place in June is the Falmouth International Sea Shanty between the 15th and 17th.

The event is not only a fantastic opportunity to spend a day out in one of Cornwall’s most scenic coastal towns, but also a great way for the town to raise money for local charities such as the RNLI and to promote and preserve the nautical and maritime heritage of Cornwall.

So if you like plenty of lively entertainment then heading to Falmouth will be a massive treat for yourself and your family this July. You may even discover a hidden singing ability during your trip in and around the Cornish town!