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Many will attest that the UK is one of the best places in the world to find amazing antiques – and Wiltshire antiques are amongst the nation’s best. The benefits of a vast history, careful preservation and a well-regulated trade mean that there are antique treasures to find everywhere you look.

And with dozens of great sellers, auction houses and antique markets, the country county of Wiltshire is the ideal location to find and buy great antiques. If you’re looking for a rare treasure or the perfect piece to adorn your home, antique shopping whilst spending time in a beautiful holiday cottage in Wiltshire is a great bet.

Here are our top tips for places to find great antiques in Wiltshire, and some things to think about whilst buying:

Walton House Antiques

This antiques business is located in the village of Mere near the A303 and north of Gillingham. Walton House was brought together when a number of established antique houses in the area came together. They focus on fine art, silverware, glass and porcelain antiques.

Walton House offers a large showroom to view a number of fine antiques. They are open six days a week, but are also available by appointment.

Salisbury Antique Market

One of the largest antique markets in Wiltshire, this Salisbury gem is the perfect place to hunt for splendid antique finds. This market is housed in a Georgian building and its wares are spread across three floors. The market is supported by a number of independent dealers who help keep the stock fresh and interesting.

Each floor at the Salisbury Antique Market is dedicated to different products: collectibles, art and vintage pieces are on display on the ground floor; the second floor features classic cameras and vintage music; and on the top floor you can enjoy a selection of teas and cakes, as well as conversation about antiques.

Moxhams Antiques

Moxhams was started in the late 1960s and celebrates history and antiques in Bradford on Avon. Spread out over two nearby shops, they are members of the London & Provincial Antique Dealers Association (LAPADA) and the British Antique Dealers Association (BADA). They do not act as middlemen selling for third parties.

They support a wide range of furniture – both classic country and town elements. They also have a nice supply of mirrors, lighting fixtures, clocks and barometers. Moxhams Antiques also sells a number of ceramic and decorative pieces as well.

Antique Buying Tip #1:

When buying antiques, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. And when it comes to cost, the cheapest deal isn’t always the best deal. Try to do your homework on how much certain items should be before agreeing to buy.

Indigo Asian Antiques & Interiors

Indigo in Pewsey was created to help bring great imports directly from Asia. With items from China, India, Japan and Indonesia, they have been offering great antique items for more than 30 years. Indigo provides a nice selection of antique Asian furniture, architectural pieces, some lovely stonework, marble, and various other decorative pieces.

The majority of their furniture dates from the 19th century. They also restore some pieces on their site, in addition to selling a few reproductions.

Obelisk Antiques

Obelisk was first opened in 1980 in the village of Warminster. Now located in Devizes at St. John's House, they offer a great variety of antique and decorative objects. The business specialises in English country house items dating back hundreds of years. They are experts in supplying the public, trade and major interior designers as well.

Obelisk features amazing furniture including armoires and wardrobes, writing tables, and chests of drawers. They are open from Thursday through to Saturday, but are available for special appointments.

Vintage Lifestyle

Based in Salisbury, this antique dealer offers beautiful vintage items. Furniture, textiles and more, they have been open since 2002. They specialise in vintage decorations, painted furniture and French, country cottage, “shabby” chic items.

If you are interested in curtains, quilts, kitchen goods and decorative one-offs, Vintage Lifestyle is definitely the place for you to shop. Get started by looking at their vast online antique stock.

Antique Buying Tip #2:

Be on the lookout for odd finds. Unique-looking antiques make for great buys. If it doesn’t look like it belongs, it might be the great find and conversation piece you’re after. If you happen to find ceramics in a furniture store, or metal pieces in a shop dedicated to stone, think about snapping it up, and most likely it will be cheap too.

Pillars Antiques

Pillars Antiques have been selling great antiques for nearly 25 years. For those who enjoy looking at antiques, they have a huge indoor and outdoor showroom to browse around. They are a great place to outfit your garden with a large selection of items. They get new stock each week so every visit will be different.

In addition to local deliveries, they can arrange national and international shipping as well, perfect for those who are visiting from out of town or whilst on holiday.

Calne Antiques

The owners of Calne Antiques started selling antique furniture more than 30 years ago and have progressed to creating their own unique, bespoke furniture as well. Calne has served the local Wiltshire area for years and even sells across southern England and into London.

If you are looking to redesign your own home, Calne Antiques also specialises in helping creating the custom kitchen of your dreams. Visit them to get more information.

The Beehive Vintage Lifestyle Shop

Also in Devizes, The Beehive Vintage Lifestyle Shop has a huge supply of vintage and antique furniture. They specialise in restored pieces at affordable prices. For many of their products, they offer free delivery throughout Wiltshire. They also provide national delivery for a fee.

The Beehive also supplies Annie Sloan paints, WoodWick Candles and Rowallan leather goods.

Antique Buying Tip #3:

Make sure you fully examine an item prior to purchase. Look at all of its parts – underneath, back, sides, inside. You can even use a magnifying glass to get a closer look. You should never be shy when buying antiques. Considering that in some cases they can be major investments, you want to make sure you are getting value for your money. Most reputable sellers will understand and encourage this examination.

Elm Tree Antiques

Elm Tree Antiques finds its home in the oldest pub in Devizes – formerly the Elm Tree Hotel. Open several days during the week, this antique shop takes pride in country furniture. They feature high-quality chairs, as well as a variety of pieces crafted from oak and elm.

Part of the business, you can also shop at Vintage Relics – a period antique and vintage clothing store. According to the owners, they have one of the best offerings of vintage clothing in the West Country.

North Wilts Exporters

Specialists in fantastic wood furniture, North Wilts Exporters is one of the country’s largest suppliers of antique elm and teak furniture. They feature pieces from well-known manufacturers such as G Plan, McIntosh and Ercol. Additionally, they also offer a great stock of antique pine, oak and mahogany furniture.

They are specialists in providing worldwide shipment. They work with a network of suppliers all over the country and world, and can help customers source those special pieces if necessary.

Heatons of Tisbury

For something unique as well as being a great conversation piece for your home, Heatons of Tisbury specialise in antique prints. They have been trading in original antique prints and engravings for a number of years and offer thousands of prints.

They have artistic prints as well as historic maps and topographical prints. Located between Warminster and Shaftesbury in Dorset, they feature a huge online catalogue as well.