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Traders, livestock owners, local residents and those enjoying holidays in Dorset cottages are all waiting in anticipation for the start of the Dorset County Fair this Saturday. One of their star acts, ROAR, is gearing up for their performance.

ROAR are a team of free runners who all come from the south west and were drawn together by their love of the sport. This week they have been seen practicing on Weymouth Beach, incorporating the skills they have learnt through parkour, free running and tricking.

Jacob Peregrine-Wheller is the leader of their group, and he and his team of the 10 best free runners in the South West are looking forward to appearing at the Dorset County Fair. They have been perfecting their moves at Weymouth, getting the crowd really excited for this weekend’s show.

Each athlete adds their own moves to the display, including vaulting, diving, sliding, climbing and jumping, and their display at the Dorset County Fair is one of the most anticipated events of the day.

Head to the Dorset County Show this weekend to see Team ROAR in action, and don’t forget to check out all the other fantastic events and stalls that will be featured.