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An oak tree on a National Trust estate in Wiltshire was this week declared the tallest oak in the UK. At 200 years old, the tree has taken a while to reach its grand height and estate officials are describing this moment as “very special”.

The English oak can be found in the grounds of the National Trust Stourhead estate and is a staggering 40.4m (132.5ft) tall. The news comes after the confirmation of the tree’s height from an expert on behalf of The Tree Register charity.

The oak stands in a cluster of trees and this is believed to have helped it reach its giant height; it is tall and slim unlike the 6 surrounding oak trees, suggesting that the oak has been encouraged to push up for the light that it needs. The rich soil found in the Stourhead estate is also believed to have encouraged the oak’s growth.

Although not the tallest tree in the UK (which stands at 60m) the oak is still amazing to behold. Those staying in Wiltshire cottages have the perfect opportunity to see this wonder themselves, so don’t miss out on a chance to see the UK’s tallest oak up close.