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A recent survey conducted by leading travel organisation ABTA revealed that staycations in the UK are proving to be increasingly popular. An impressive 68 per cent of the 2,008 adults surveyed had taken at least one holiday in the UK during 2014, with those in Wales taking the highest amount of domestic holidays at 2.2 per person.

This is great news for UK tourism and English country cottage providers, and gives evidence to the fact that the British Isles has plenty to offer, with its fantastic beaches, beautiful countryside and vibrant cities. It is also thought that the good weather experienced in June and July helped to encourage many to take holidays at home this summer, with an increasing number of people choosing to explore their own backyard by staying in accommodation such as New Forest holiday properties.

The annual Holiday Trend Report did also state that less British people had taken a holiday this year when combining breaks both in the UK and abroad, showing a 3 per cent decrease on 2013. However, those taking both a holiday abroad and a break in the UK in the same year, had increased by 2 per cent on the previous year, which suggests that people are still keen to explore their own country, as well as visiting and exploring another.

The announcements were made at ABTA’s annual convention in Slovenia and declared that although Brits as a whole appear to be taking fewer holidays, Londoners were one of the exceptions and took more breaks during 2014, with an increase from 3.3 breaks up to 3.9 holidays a year.

Further good news is that 20% of people anticipate spending more on holidays in 2015, compared with the 15% who believe they will spend less, providing much optimism for the rest of the year and 2015.