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The country’s national tourist board, VisitEngland, has released the latest figures for British tourism and found that England has seen a tourism boost this year. The tourist board’s Great British Tourism Survey found that Quarter 1 saw an increase on last year’s tourism figures for the nine regions of England.

The survey’s findings may come as no surprise to regulars of self-catering English country cottages as they would have noticed a bumper Easter period for popular English holiday hot spots as the milder weather made cottage holidays a popular choice among families.

“Resilience of the tourism industry”

The survey, which is carried out quarterly, found that a total of 3.8 million domestic holiday trips were taking in England during the period of April this year. This figure equates to a 10 percent increase on the previous year suggesting a significant boost in the popularity of holiday cottage stays in England.

James Berresford, VisitEngland chief executive, stated in this article of the survey findings, “This demonstrates the resilience of the tourism industry following the impact of the extreme weather earlier this year,” and “We have seen the trend to holiday at home soar in the past five years and it’s a trend we’re confident will continue.”

The figures have resulted in a positive outlook for English businesses with 90 percent stating that they feel confident about the summer holidays and 70 percent of accommodation providers, providing such accommodation as holiday cottages in Wiltshire, reporting strong forward bookings during this period.

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