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Now is the time to put those New Year's resolutions into practise, and anyone who has decided to be healthier, appreciate the wonders of nature or spend more time with family or friends can find the perfect opportunity to start things going on Rye Beach Reserve Circular Walk.

A fascinating day out for families and groups enjoying a stay in holiday cottages in Sussex, the Rye Beach Reserve Circular Walk has been organised for 6th January and will give winter holidaymakers the chance to see local wildlife and enjoy an invigorating walk. A guide will be on hand to lead the walk and talk about some of the species that have made their home at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, including waders, waterfowl and raptors.

The walk is due to begin at 10.30am from the meeting point at Rye Harbour. Booking is not essential so for anyone interested in the walk, just get an early night beforehand and bring a packed lunch and warm clothing for a great day out.