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Anyone visiting the South Devon area this winter will certainly want to take a trip to Plymouth for a day, and with Plymouth Christmas Market about to begin, there really has been no better time to head to the city.

The Christmas Market opens tomorrow on 22nd November, marking the beginning of the festive shopping period. This is the perfect opportunity for those staying in holiday cottages in Devon to see Plymouth’s Armada Way and Cornwall Street become a typical festive European-style market.

The market will be a great place for shoppers to seek out the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one, whether it be handmade crafts, clothing, jewellery or a festive decoration, and for 2012, Plymouth’s television super chefs Chris and James Tanner will have their own stall filled with roast pork, crackling and apple sauce rolls as well as traditional turkey and cranberry options. Or, if you just fancy a crepe and a mug of mulled wine, there is plenty of that around too.