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Google Street View has made it easy for internet users to travel the roads of the UK and see the homes of friends, all from the comfort of your computer chair. Now, Google have gone a step further into giving people a glimpse of their next destination by launching the new World Wonders Project.

The project will involve the documentation of over 130 heritage sites and architectural wonders from across the globe, and one of England’s wonderful offerings is none other than Stonehenge.

The technology behind the making of Google Street View helped capture the images of Stonehenge, including custom-built cameras and a fleet of Google cars and tricycles. Other world wonders that were captured required even more technical skill, such as the 1912 Antarctic explorer’s hut which required snowmobiles and special cameras.

The World Wonders Project gives users fantastic 360┬░ views of Stonehenge, and the Google cameras were even allowed inside the great stone circle, providing a unique view of the site.

This means that you can now plan your whole holiday with us online, viewing our Wiltshire cottages both inside and out on the internet, then checking out Stonehenge using Google’s World Wonders Project before you see the real thing.