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Truffles are one of the most prized food items in the world and are well known to also be one of the most expensive. The truffle often makes an appearance in fine dining food and now it can make an appearance on Dorset cottage holidays thanks to the Truffle Hunting Experience Day.

On 13th October, visitors are invited to go searching for the precious fungus with the English Truffle Company who have been finding black truffles in Dorset woodland for years. They use special truffle hunting dogs instead of the traditional female sow as the dogs are less likely to eat the precious truffle upon discovery.

On a Truffle Hunting Experience Day, visitors can learn all about the truffle and hunt with the hunting dogs for some truffles in the secret forest locations before finally tasting some with a spot of afternoon tea. Visit the English Truffle Company website for more information or to book places on this fun and interesting day out.