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A travel writer for a major Scottish newspaper has recently recommended a stay in New Forest cottages after enjoying a holiday in the beautiful area of Hampshire. The writer for The Press and Journal described the New Forest as a part of England which contains a number of “old treasures”.

A recent trip to the New Forest showed the writer and his family that any time of year is good for a holiday in England, with the natural country surroundings and market towns providing a completely different world of experiences from the hills of Scotland and urban city spaces.

Describing the area as a “pretty part of Hampshire”, the joys of the New Forest soon became clear. Many a wild horse was spotted on a walk or cycle ride along the handful of paths that cross the natural landscape, and the market towns presented the family with lots of quaint countryside charms, particularly the chance to buy sweets from big jars in a traditional shop.

A great time was had by all and a trip to the New Forest came highly recommended.