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Town centres all over the UK have taken a hit in the economic downturn, with many facing shop closures and empty spaces. However, Salisbury is bucking the trend according to a new survey.

Of all the large shopping centres in Britain, Salisbury has the fewest empty spaces, making it one of the best places for shopping in the country. The survey was conducted by the Local Data Company and noted that Salisbury had the lowest vacancy rate in the country at 7.7%.

Cambridge and Chesterfield came in second and third at 8.5% and 8.7%, making Salisbury a clear winner as a great city for shopping. The research team defined a large shopping centre as a city or town with over 400 shops, so visitors to Salisbury can expect to find hundreds of shops all within a close distance.

Salisbury is a fantastic city to visit whilst staying in Wiltshire cottages, with a stunning cathedral and picturesque surroundings along with the large number of shops making Salisbury a great place to visit whilst on holiday.