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Cottage holidays in Wiltshire are the perfect opportunity to make memories with your children during their school holidays, and there are always plenty of things to do. This February half term, the cathedral city of Salisbury is hosting a number of great activities for the little ones, and their parents, to enjoy.

On 17 February, Salisbury Cathedral is hosting a Teddy Bears’ Picnic to help enjoy the time away from school. Included in the event will be a ‘Fab Food Hunt’ around the Cathedral and its grounds. Besides treats and teddies, there will be opportunities to take part in clay sculpting during the picnic. All attendees are encouraged to bring their teddy from home to make it a memorable occasion.

Event organisers say all activities are suitable for ages 4-12 years and there are free drop-in sessions. All materials for the picnic will be provided.

Enjoy a bit of theatre

For family fun at the theatre, the Salisbury Playhouse is offering a number of kid-themed shows during the week. One definite highlight will be the production Windibops – a new, inclusive and fun dance -oriented programme for families and children. Volta Flatulence, Caroline Trumpface and Daisy Parphead invite you into the rather ‘stinky’ Windibops laboratory to investigate whether flatulence is having an impact on global warming. All in good fun, the performers work together to create a magical, comical world of entertainment.

In another kid-themed production planned for the half term, the Playhouse also presents Handa’s Hen. In the play, Handa and her friend Akeyo go looking for Grandma’s black hen Mondi. In their search, they encounter butterflies, mice, and lizards. The production is based on the book by Eileen Browne. It features 55 stunning handmade puppets, which were created especially for this brand new production.

According to The Stage, “This warm, inclusive show has an increasingly energising effect on the young audience ΓǪ a sweet safariΓǪand you learn how to count to ten in Swahili into the bargain.”

Also during the half term week, the theatre will feature adapted productions of the timeless classics Oliver Twist and Rumpelstiltskin. Contact the theatre box office for more information.

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