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A 10-year-old boy who recently enjoyed a holiday with his family in Cornwall made a fascinating discovery when he came across a fossil of Cornish crab footprints. Bruno Debattista found a piece of shale rock whilst on a walk on Cornwall, and experts at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History have estimated that the fossil is around 320 million years old.

Cornwall is as famous for its marine life as it is for its history, and the two have come together wonderfully in the form of this fossil. University experts believe that the imprints depict the footprints of a pair of horseshoe crabs, footprints which were made around 308-327 million years ago.

The news of this latest discovery is sure to interest those who are soon to be enjoying a holiday in English country cottages in Cornwall, who will no doubt find that there is plenty to discover whilst paying a visit to the county.