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Dorset’s Jurassic Coast is famous for its magnificent coastal beauty and its fascinating heritage, and now part of this heritage will soon be preserved in the new Kimmeridge Fossil Museum.

The museum is planned to be built along the Jurassic coast in Purbeck and will house the greatest private collection of late Jurassic fossils to be compiled in Britain. Steve Etches is an engineer who has collected around 2,000 specimens of fossil over his lifetime, including a number which are new to science. Some of his most exciting discoveries include the eggs of ammonites and a crocodile which he found near Swindon.

The Kimmeridge Trust, volunteers who are trying to make the museum a reality, have already won support for millions of pounds of Heritage Lottery funding. Although the museum is unlikely to be open before 2016, those soon to be enjoying Dorset cottage holidays can still visit the amazing Jurassic coast and make a note to head back to Dorset in 2016 and check out this fantastic museum.