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Nowhereisland, an intriguing piece of art which forms part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, has finally reached its destination this week, just in time for the opening ceremony for the Olympics.

The sculpture is made up of material salvaged from a glacier and it has travelled all the way from the Arctic to Weymouth in Dorset, where some of the Olympic events will be held. Nowhereisland has become the world’s newest nation since travelling through international waters, and anyone can become a ‘citizen’, have a say in the ‘constitution’ and tour around the ‘embassy’, which is packed full of intriguing objects.

The art project is part of the London 2012 Olympic celebrations and, now that it has finally arrived in Weymouth, the excitement can really start to kick off.

Whether staying in Dorset cottages or living in the area, now is the time to head to Weymouth and get involved with all the Olympic excitement by visiting Nowhereisland.