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In the very first complete tree count of England and Wales, the New Forest has been named as one of the highest concentrated districts.

Although this may not sound surprising, it was one of just two forests named in the top 10, with the urban county of Surrey claiming seven of the top spots. The reason for this is thought to be due to rural areas containing more agricultural land, which have been heavily farmed by removing trees and growing crops.

The National Tree Map, which was carried out using the latest aerial mapping technology, revealed that there are more than 280 million trees in Britain, which equates to five trees for every human. It also showed that England and Wales are covered by almost 8,000km of trees which would cover an area as large as Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria combined.

New Forest beats majority of England and Wales’ forests

The New Forest’s fresh claim as one of the most densely populated area for trees is sure to attract more visitors to the area, which is already popular for its 145 square miles of natural beauty, complete with fascinating wildlife and ancient history. Trees that can be found in the New Forest include oak, beech, yew and holly, and some are as old as 300 years of age. Most of these are concentrated in ancient and ornamental woodlands, with a number designated for conservation.

Cottages to rent in the New Forest can place those looking to visit the New Forest with a perfect base from which to explore the spectacular scenery, as well as being within close proximity of the pretty costal towns Lymington and Salisbury, one of the top 10 destinations to visit in 2015 as decided by Lonely Planet.