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The New Forest Centre is a wonderful place to learn more about the New Forest, about its beauty, how it has affected the local community and about its history. A new exhibition called Forest Footprint will be a welcome addition to the collections found at the centre from 1st December until 6th January.

The exhibition is sure to be a highlight for visitors to the centre who will soon be staying in New Forest cottages, allowing people to look at the natural beauty of the area from the artistic perspective of others. The exhibition is the work of a group of textile artists who call themselves Diversity, who thought up Forest Footprint as a way of looking at the identity of the New Forest, including what elements have helped to shape it.

Regular exhibitors at the Lymington Arts Festival and the Forest Arts Centre, Diversity combine colourful art with their love of the New Forest, a display that is well worth going to see. Make sure to head to the New Forest Centre this winter, open daily from 10am-4.40pm.