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One of the most loved and respected institutions in the country, the National Trust is responsible for maintaining and protecting some of the most beautiful and historic properties and areas of land around the UK, and the significant role it plays in preserving the New Forest and the rest of Hampshire is now set to be laid out in a new event.

National Trust: Bringing places to life' is due to open to the public on February 16th, and will last until March 17th, taking place at the New Forest Centre in the village of Lyndhurst. It aims to educate many visitors along the way about what this iconic organisation does to safeguard much of our most prized natural and architectural treasures in the region and beyond.

With the fascinating exhibition completely free to enter and explore, it will give guests a unique insight into the fine conservation work of the National Trust and will be a great day out for those staying in any of the charming nearby New Forest cottages soon.