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The beautiful White Cliffs of Dover can look forward to enjoying extra help with preservation as the National Trust is all set to buy a 0.8 mile section for £1.2 million. Once this stretch is added to the total that the National Trust own, their total ownership will be 5 miles.

The National Trust looks after 720 miles of English, Welsh and Northern Irish coastline, and has been preserving the White Cliffs since 1968. The section that is due to be bought runs from South Foreland lighthouse and Dover port and is of particular importance to the area in terms of wildlife; it is home to the only kittiwakes in Kent and the stretch is thriving with peregrine falcons, Adonis blue butterflies, and plants such as sea carrot and oxtongue broomrape.

Those staying in holiday cottages in Sussex and Kent, who enjoy walking along some of the country’s magnificent coastal paths will benefit particularly from this, as the National Trust will be working hard to preserve the cliffs as much as possible, especially in the face of coastal erosion.