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The Dorset coastline is abundant with pretty beaches and holiday hotspots and people will go to great lengths to spend some relaxation time there. One grandfather's efforts became national news recently when he spent 6 days camping on the seafront of Avon Beach so that he would be first in line to ask for the keys to a beach hut that had come up for permanent lease.

Keith Duell has enjoyed many Dorset cottage holidays in the past and jumped at the chance to be able to own a piece of the holiday destination which he, his wife Christine and their grandchildren love. Just one of the beach huts on Avon Beach, Christchurch was coming up for permanent lease so Mr Duell decided to do whatever it took to get that property.

Others queued up the night before the beach hut administration office opened and were only able to rent one of the huts for the 6 week summer holiday period, so Mr Duell was understandably “over the moon” when he received the keys. Like many other holidaymakers, he will be enjoying holidays in Dorset for years to come.