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A fun Christmas event is being held at The Priest's House Museum in Wimborne, Dorset, on 8th December, where both young and old can get into the spirit of the season with The Great Pudding Stir.

The Priest's House Museum has long been a popular visitor attraction for those enjoying Dorset cottage holidays, with numerous archaeological items and costumes making up fascinating displays depicting this East Dorset townhouse from the 17th century to the Victorian era. The museum's kitchen remains fully-working and the Victorian servants will be making a very traditional Christmas pudding.

For The Great Pudding Stir, kids and grown ups can help make the pudding and even taste the Christmas dessert after it has been cooked on the coal-fired range. Making the pudding would not be complete without the chance to make a Christmas wish and visitors will get a chance to stir the dry mixture and make a wish before it is cooked.