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Taking a holiday in the countryside is great for getting stuck in with nature, whether in the form of a relaxing walk or a grassland adventure. For those staying in Wiltshire cottages there is a fantastic opportunity to do both with a lesson in orienteering.

The session runs from 7-8.30pm at Lydiard Park Academy in Swindon and provides great fun for all the family. There will be checkpoints on the provided map that participants will need to find against the clock. Working as one team makes for a great bonding exercise, or pitting teams against each other really gets blood pumping as the orienteering competitive streak comes out. Along with all the fun, participants have the chance to learn how to read maps, a very useful skill when walking in the countryside.

This event is ideal for introducing people to the adventures of orienteering. There is no need to book and turning up with appropriate clothing is all that is necessary, however the sessions are only being held on Tuesday 10th and 17th July so make a note of the date to be sure you don’t miss out on this fun-filled evening.