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One of Dorset’s newest landmarks is now set to shine long into the night, after it was fitted with a marvellous lighting display to mark the arrival of the Olympic Games in nearby Weymouth.

Installed in the village of Littlemore close to Weymouth, the Jurassic Stones sculpture is made up from15 stones each mounted on a plinth, each believed to be created between 65 and 160 million years ago. They stand as a constant reminder to wealth of history of the region, with its location once thought to have been a prehistoric tropical lagoon.

It has now been emblazoned with an array of Low-energy spotlights; meaning local residents as well as those staying in the region on their Dorset cottage holidays can admire the Sculpture long into the night.

With Weymouth playing host to all of the sailing and water sports events during the return of the Olympic Games to the UK, thousands of people are expected to flock to the town for a chance to catch a bit of the action. If you are planning on doing the same, why not head through Littlemore and discover the sculpture for your self?