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The STEAM Museum of The Great Western Railway is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Wiltshire and, in October, they will be holding a fun and fascinating event that will take visitors back to their childhood days in a celebration of LEGO.

From 6th-7th October will be the Great Western LEGO Show which features models built specially by LEGO fans from the UK’s Brickish Association. Train related LEGO models will, of course, be making an appearance, including the biggest LEGO train layout in the country, right down to scenery, bridges, stations, and steam and diesel locomotives.

There will also be plenty of hands-on activity for those visiting from Wiltshire cottages, such as helping the Brickish Association build a giant LEGO mosaic, LEGO play tables for both kids and grown ups, and LEGO competitions too.

Tickets will be available on the door at £10 for adults and £8.50 for children, so bring all the family to the STEAM Museum of The Great Western Railway in Swindon for a great day out.