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If you are one of the many people heading to Wiltshire for a well-earned break or holiday in September, you might like to add the forthcoming annual Bradford-on-Avon Fringe Festival to your holiday to-do-list during your stay in Wiltshire cottages.

The Bradford-on-Avon Fringe Festival will be taking place during September 1 – 9 and offers visitors a wide variety of entertainment at a range of local venues in the town during the nine day event.

The essence of the Bradford-on-Avon Fringe Festival is to give an opportunity to the many talented local artists and performers from a range of genres to demonstrate their creativity and artistic prowess. This event will see acts, artists, bands, musicians and more display their talent to the public. There’s sure to be lots on offer, with plenty for both kids and adults.

The majority of the events during the festival are completely free to enjoy, meaning that this festival is even better value!

For more information on this event, check out the Bradford-on-Avon Fringe Festival website.