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Those soon to be staying in New Forest cottages will be happy to hear that Hampshire is one of the few counties in England which is free from ash dieback disease.

The disease has taken the UK by surprise, and with ash trees making up to 30% of the wooded landscape in this country, it could change the natural landscape dramatically. Luckily for the New Forest and other woodland areas in Hampshire, the disease has not reached the ash trees of the county.

The most numerous species of tree in the New Forest area is the beech tree thanks to the chalky soil, and the ash trees in the woodland are spread out sporadically. Thankfully, this means that even if the ash tree disease were to reach Hampshire, the overall appearance of the area would not be drastically changed. The woodland is certain to remain one of the most popular places in the country to spend a cottage holiday, with the stunning natural beauty of the area due to be barely affected by ash dieback disease.