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One of Wiltshire’s top attractions is Longleat, an English stately home owned by the Marquesses of Bath. Also within the grounds is a maze, landscaped parkland and a safari, and it is this last part which has drawn media attention this week with the reunion of two long-lost gorilla brothers.

This week a touching reunion occurred in the park when Kesho and Alf, silverback gorillas who are brothers, met for the first time in 3 years. Kesho and Alf spent their childhood together, but were separated from each other when Kesho was sent to London Zoo as part of a breeding programme.

According to staff at Longleat the two brothers embraced and played around as if they had never been apart, even turning their backs on each other at times which is a sign of trust.

Longleat Safari Park is just one of the great attractions available to those staying in Wiltshire cottages, and with characters like Kesho and Alf it really is a great place to visit.